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the factory is a new kind of production house for digital advertising media. Our main business is the production of high-volume digital advertising material for all devices, publishers and markets.

We produce digital advertising media for all devices, publishers and markets.


Problems detected and solved

the factory focuses on the three main problems of Digital Display Production and Adaptation:

The solution: Decoupling of creation and production

Optimising efficiency, effectiveness and cost by separating creative performance from
advertising production

Creative agency

Specialist in

the factory

Specialist in

the factory has the processes, resources, infrastructure and experience to take over the entire production of your ad campaigns, maximising both efficiency and effectiveness.

Our promise =
Your advantage

  • Improved production efficiency through partial automation, proprietary technologies and standardised production processes.
  • Improved effectiveness of the advertising media campaigns through the need-based use of specialists.
  • Reduction & Optimisation of production costs through relocation and lean structures.
Maximise your return on investment.

In the past, by decoupling production from creation for our customers, we were able to save up
to 25% of production costs and increase production speed by up to 50%

As the production volume increases, different economies of scale come into play.

The greater the volume of productions, the greater the potential for savings through automation, standardised processes, the need-based use of specialists and more cost-effective teams through the relocation of production to South Africa.

  • We only do the production. Brand management / strategy stays with current creative agency.
  • We work with fixed prices per format – there is no accounting according to time expenditure.
  • We give a 100% “first-time-right guarantee” – mistakes are fixed for free.
  • We reduce errors & production time through automated quality controls in our software.
  • We enable changes in the production process and thus reduce downtime and additional cost.
  • We work with dynamic offer templates, that can be adapted in real time.
  • We offer free online storage including file management of the campaign material.
  • We ensure the structured handling of all data by our specially developed software.

The Founders

Decades of experience in advertising effectiveness and digital media production.

Steven Mewissen / COO

As the founder and COO Steven has conceptualised, directed and overseen over 2,000 digital productions. Although his background is in the creative field, his passion lies in performance media because he enjoys the complex Adtech world and the fact that the performance of creativity and concept can be measured and optimised. Steven is a keen athlete having competed in the Iron Man as well numerous Xterra competitions in South Africa and Europe.

Philipp Hartmann / CEO

As the founder and CEO, Philipp is a versatile executive and entrepreneur with a range of general and functional experience obtained in running GSDH and the factory, servicing international clients across numerous industries, markets and countries. Philipp is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization where he has served on the board of the Cape Town Chapter. Philipp is a passionate big wave surfer, podcaster, husband and a Dad to twins and triplets.