Cembra Money Bank

Our custom-built and fully interactive rich media banner ads allow users to easily calculate a loan of their choice in just two simple steps; while simultaneously showcasing Cembra’s dedication to excellent client service and driving traffic to their flexible loan services.

At a Glance

Cembra Money Bank is one of the leading Swiss providers of financial services; offering a wide range of products including loans, credit cards, savings products and many more. Cembra caters to almost 10% of the Swiss population.

With their focus on flexible loan offerings, the factory makes for the perfect production partner to meet the technical and expertise needs required to create custom interactive banners.

Our solution was to create simple yet effective interactive banners, focussing on driving high volumes of traffic to Cembra’s flexible loans landing page, all the while providing valuable insights.

We did this by allowing users to select the amount and term conditions of their loan within each banner, creating a unique experience which adds value to the user and results in substantially higher conversion rates.

By rolling out the Cembra banner campaigns in multiple languages and in several formats including an expandable functionality, two-phase user interactivity and legal information display – the factory’s expertise ensures that Cembra’s banner campaigns consistently outperform its competitors’.

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  • The conceptualisation of banners effectively communicating the services provided by Cembra.
  • Design of effective, interactive ads with advanced functionality and improved conversion.
  • Development of 800 display ads in multiple formats and languages.

Achieved Results

  • Advanced technical functionality of display ads resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Elegantly conveying vast amounts of information without overwhelming the user.
  • The aesthetically pleasing design and animation adhering to strict technical specifications.