Perfect frame for great photos

Our campaigns for Huawei smartphones consist of beautiful large format banners with great animations – with the purpose to always communicate the special characteristics of the respective devices.

At a Glance

The HUAWEI Consumer Business Group has a wide range of products, including mobile phones as well as home devices. A decade after its founding, HUAWEI CBG is already in third place in the international smartphone trade.

With a strong focus on growth in international markets, Huawei drives several extensive product campaigns annually in a broad advertising environment. With a large number of different formats, publishers and specifications, Huawei needs an absolute specialist for the production of display ads.

The Factory is one of the best production partners for creating banners for high volume campaigns with absolutely critical production times. For Huawei, we create creative display ads that perfectly communicate the specific features of each smartphone.


  • Creation of banner concepts based on overarching campaigns.
  • Creation of effective display ads that perfectly communicate the product features of the respective smartphone.
  • Production of display ads for campaigns with various formats, various specifications and a large number of different publishers.

Achieved results

  • Absolutely beautiful banners with great animations that put the smartphones in a perfect light – whilst adhering to strict technical specifications.
  • Shortening the production time from the initial creative idea to the delivery of the finished banners to the publishers.
  • Reduction of production costs through our innovative production tool.